Classroom Resources to Understand Impeachment

by Mary Ellen Daneels, Instructional Specialist

Last night, my Twitter feed was abuzz with colleagues seeking out grade-level appropriate materials to help students understand the process of impeachment. The information around this current and controversial issue is changing daily with competing narratives from the left and the right. This teachable moment IS political, but it does not have to be partisan. Here are a few resources that you can start with.
  • “A look at past impeachment proceedings” and how they’ve ended from PBS News Hour gives a historical perspective on impeachment.
  • The lesson, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” from the Constitutional Rights Foundation has both background information and a simulation of a House Judiciary Committee determining if an act rises to the level of impeachable.
  • Khan Academy has an explainer video on Impeachment as does TedEd.
  • Annenberg Classroom has a historical timeline of past impeachments starting with Judge Samuel Chase.
  • Episode 10 of the Civics 101 Podcast tackles some of the common questions surrounding impeachment.
  • The American Bar Association Division for Public Education has an FAQ on Impeachment.
  • AllSides has curated news items from all sides of the spectrum to understand current events surrounding impeachment.
What resources do you find useful to help students understand impeachment? Please comment below.Together, we can prepare students for college, career, and civic life.

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