Participate in the Kids Voting IL Statewide Mock Election

by Mary Ellen Daneels, Civics Instructional Specialist

The Illinois Civics course requirements at both middle and high school require the use of simulations of democratic processes in the classroom. This proven practice is an important component of civic preparation because:

Games and other simulations contribute to civic learning by allowing young people to act in fictional environments in ways that would be impossible for them in the real world; for example, they can play the role of president of the United States or an ambassador to the United Nations. Games and simulations can be constructed so as to be highly engaging and motivating while also requiring advanced academic skills and constructive interaction with other students under challenging circumstances.

Guardians of Democracy Report (2011), pg. 34

Simulations like mock elections can demystify democratic institutions that gird our republic by providing an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge, skills, and dispositions in a safe and supportive context to prepare for civic life as an adult. and the Illinois Democracy School Network are joining Kids Voting USA to provide 6-12th grade classrooms throughout Illinois with the opportunity to participate in the Kids Voting Illinois Statewide Mock Election this fall.

Schools who participate in this simulation of a democratic process will be connected to:
  • A ballot tailored to their region with candidates for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, IL House, IL Senate, and the Illinois Graduated Income Tax Amendment.
  • Cross-curricular resources to facilitate a school-wide mock elections
  • A secure voting platform through Double Click Democracy that is COPPA compliant to protect student privacy. Students can vote via electronic or paper ballot.
  • Post-election results to analyze your school’s vote with other schools in your region, state, and nation.
Democracy is NOT a spectator sport! Register your school TODAY for the Kids Voting Illinois Statewide mock election and share it with your friends. Together, we can prepare students for college, career, and civic life in remote, hybrid, or face to face classrooms.


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